Enjoy This Organic Life
Enjoy This Organic Life


Kristen is a modern day Jane-of-All-Trades. She loves engaging with life in a myriad of ways - juggling many different hats to keep things interesting & exciting. She believes diversity is key to a healthy, sustainable life - the more you know, the more you grow! 

Below is a summary of some of the areas in which Kristen has & continues to work. Please see the bottom of the page for upcoming courses & future endeavors. 


As noted in About, Kristen is passionate about sustainable farming. Growing organic, nourishing food for herself & others while simultaneously contributing to the enrichment of the land & betterment of the community is her Ultimate. Having her hands in the soil & sharing the foods she grows nurtures her soul in ways nothing else can quite compare. Below are the farms that Kristen has been blessed to work with over the years. 

Websites & Writing

Since early 2015 Kristen has been working alongside Hawaii Farmers Union United-Haleakala Chapter, constructing their bi-weekly newsletters & wearing the hat as website designer/manager. This work brings her much joy as it keeps her connected to one of her favorite homes on Earth {Maui!} & the people who are dedicating their life to making Maui and this world a better, more sustainable place for all. Over the span of the past year & a half, Kristen has worked with a few other organizations to redesign their website &/or write newsletters - check them out below! 

Produce Manager - dill pickle food cooperative

Kristen began with Dill Pickle Food Coop at the beginning of 2013 & quickly spread her love for local, organic produce to the community. She expanded, revamped, & beautified the department in a multitude of ways; her priority to sell as much local & regional produce at an affordable price. During this time she was also an active voice for Equal Exchange, one of the countries largest Fair Trade worker cooperatives. Kristen spoke on their behalf at both the Green Festival {Chicago} & Good Food Festival; sharing the importance of supporting fair trade banana production & trade. Other outreach opportunities she participated in were teaching beginning gardening workshops, hosting local farm community workdays and speaking on a panel at Angelic Organics Farm for Stateline Farm Beginnings

menus & recipes 

In 2014, Kristen helped Maui's local & organic grocery store, Mana Foods, open their vegan restaurant, Maka by Mana, by creating their drink menu. This menu included hand-crafted delicious juices, smoothies & tonics, with of course a priority on local, seasonal ingredients! If you ever find yourself in Paia, Maui, you must check out Maka by Mana for some of the most delicious vegan food & of course, beverages!  

Kristen's recipes have also been featured on Kris Carr, multiple New York Time's Bestseller author; one of her most influential

Kristen published her first recipe ebook The Peaceful Palate early in the fall of 2015 - a 63 page PDF that includes 50 of her favorite plant-based recipes. She loved creating this ebook and already has her next one on deck...

Instructor: Homesteading & DIY courses

Kristen has taught workshops on how to make soap, lip balm, lotion, deodorant, and toothpaste from scratch. She loves to share her passion to minimize the use of petroleum-based products, plastic, & ingredients that are harmful for the body & environment. Currently Kristen is lending her skills of soap making to the Driftless Folk School in Viroqua, WI and other various courses in the area.

If you're interested in learning more about how Kristen can teach you one-on-one or in a group setting, please feel free to contact her. 


"Loved the teacher and the course. She was engaging and passionate about what she is doing/does and would definitely be someone I would like to take another course with!"

"Kristen was very down to earth, perfectly knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge easily, and she created a totally welcoming, fun learning atmosphere.  We loved this course!"

Birth Doula

In 2016, Kristen completed her training to be a birth doula. A doula being someone who provides support for a mother (& partner) throughout the pregnancy, birth and in the early days of postpartum. The emotional, physical and practical support a doula shares for a mother and partner, has shown to reduce labor time, complications, babies are healthier & breastfeed more easily. If you are interested in working with Kristen as your doula, or are simply interested in learning more about this practice, she would love to hear from you!