Fall Inspired Turmeric Smoothie

Fall Inspired Turmeric Smoothie

You wanna know something that I kinda sorta miss right now out here in Hawaii? Autumn. Yes friends, it is possible to live in Hawaii and miss cold weather. Having been born and raised in the Midwest, I do really love season changes, boots, wool socks, lounging by the fireplace & waking up to a freshly covered snowscape. I guess what I don't love is when winter just does.not.end. And temperatures drop below zero. And stay there. For weeks.

Prior to all the winter madness however, we are graced with the beautiful season of autumn, my favorite!! I associate autumn with apples galore, hot apple cider, leggings + boots, frost kissed mornings, and an earth exploding with red, orange, & yellow... all beautiful things :)

^^  early morning fall hikes with frost-kissed queen anne's lace. circa 2013 ~  on my beloved family's farm ^^

Now don't get me wrong. I love Maui. Nothing compares to the free-flow island life. I can go to the beach year-round, be barefoot anywhere & everywhere, & eat local bananas all day errrr day. I can start my day at the top of Haleakala {freezing} & in less than an hour be back down at the beach soaking in that warm sunshine. Suffice to say, I'm blessed to live here. But I still miss all those things mentioned above, like copious local apples, cider, & being surrounded by the vibrant fall foliage.

I'll let you in on a little secret though. I can experience most of those aforementioned things. There are plenty of places here to embrace cool air & there is even a giant pumpkin patch on a local farm. While there may not be many local apples available, I every once in a while will pick up some at my local organic grocery store, especially now that the price dropped. It's been nice to enjoy the flavor of one of my fall favorites, since it has become such a luxury for me.

Early Saturday morning I ventured over to the Upcountry farmers' market as I do religiously every Saturday {if you're ever on Maui you must go to here - it is the best!. Amazing vendors, great food & incredible vibe}. Two of my dear friends who sell homemade vegan breakfasts gifted me some of their homegrown turmeric. What a Gift!



While I was in yoga a couple hours later, I let my hunger get the best of me as I dreamt up a delicious smoothie I could make for lunch with turmeric. And here is what transpired in a matter of minutes. 


1 cup fresh apple juice (~2 apples)

1 cup fresh carrot juice (~5 medium carrots)

3 ripe bananas

1 tsp fresh grated turmeric

powdered turmeric * optional


Juice apples and set aside. Next juice carrots and add carrot & apple juice to blender. 

Add bananas and freshly grated turmeric. Blend on high until fully incorporated. 

Pour into 32 oz glass and top with powdered turmeric if desired.

About that turmeric

Turmeric may not be available fresh where you live but ground turmeric is sold pretty much everywhere these days, thankfully! And when in doubt, you can always purchase top quality powder from Organic IndiaMountain Rose Herbs, Pacific Botanicals, & Frontier Co-op.

So why jump on the turmeric bandwagon? Because it's a rockin' anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer that exhibits a whole buttload of other healing, preventative qualities! That's why. This gorgeous root has a long history {we're talking nearly 4,000 years} of medicinal qualities & as a component of religious ceremonies. Turmeric is a brilliantly bright yellow or orange; and it's this bright pigment that contains the bioactive compound curcumin - where all the potent anti-inflammatory benefits reside. Anything that has historical roots as deep as turmeric must be for some powerful reasons, right? Some of the benefits of turmeric include:

• promotes a healthy immune system
• supports healthy bones, joints & skeletal system {great for rheumatoid arthritis & join inflammation}
• encourages a healthy liver
• aids in cleansing the skin & maintains elasticity
• helps support the absorption of vitamins and minerals
• assists in purging wastes
• builds healthy blood & promotes overall circulatory system wellness
• promotes a healthy female reproductive system
• balances the digestive system
• helps cells combat free radicals

As you can see there are so many incredible benefits of turmeric. I try and add a little bit to salads & juices whenever I can - even if it's just a little bit here and there, I see it as the more the merrier.

So, enjoy that turmeric smoothie & for those experiencing cool weather autumn, please enjoy some of that for me!