Embracing the Cycles of Life

Embracing the Cycles of Life
“The thing itself is one; the images are many. What leads to a perceptive understanding of the thing is not the focus on one image, but the viewing of many images together” ~ Rudolf Steiner

This year I was led on an intense journey of reflection & self-discovery; life provided me the time & space to dig deep & reconnect with the Creator in my heart. I kept asking God {the Universe, Creator, however you relate to this entity} what direction my life was taking me, as there have been some significant shifts throughout the year. To nurture these changes & prepare for a new phase in my life, nutrition has been a crucial component of this process. I continually asked what foods I should be eating to most appropriately & compassionately serve my body and the earth. For so long I thought this answer was vegan. While I never believed that vegan was the universal answer or diet, I felt it was right for me, physically, mentally, spiritually. However, something in the springtime started to reawaken from deep within me. That something was how my spirit truly feels about sustainability & what a healthy diet entails. 

This past spring I was nearing the five year mark of having no cycle. I had been struggling for years to balance my hormones, regain my vitality & ability to bring life into this world. Almost immediately upon returning to Wisconsin from Maui, I felt a strong desire to eat eggs. So I did. My friend gifted me eggs from her chickens that were pasture-raised & treated with the utmost care & love. I had a few and loved them. But I felt too much guilt for consuming eggs, for not sticking to a plant-based dietSo I let my mind convince me to forgo eggs; I let my mind convince me that plant-based/vegan was the only route to the healthiest version of me. 

Thankfully my mind started to quiet over the months.  And in this quiet I began to hear, to truly hear, my heart. Once again, I heard a strong message to eat eggs, to nourish my body, to nourish my fertility, to heal my Spirit. So I did. I embraced & detached. I allowed my body, mind & soul to completely and fully embrace this, I allowed myself the freedom to realign with my heart's Truth. I have now found my greatest strength and highest connection to Self by detaching from all that I had spent the past decade or so working against. I let go of all need or desire to be vegan/plant-based, to allow myself the freedom to eat whatever I choose. I let go of feeling the need to do anything based on what anyone else thought, did or said. I chose to not work against anything but rather to work for something. 

There is Absolute Truth in living a compassionate and conscious life while having animal in our diet. We are all connected. Fueling our bodies with other animal does not mean that our channel to God or our Light be diminished.  In fact, it may strengthen this bond and sense of grounding, if one is open to receiving the beautiful gift that these sacred animals are sharing with us.  While plants are a powerful tool of connection to our Selves, to Mother Earth and to our Spirit, so too are the incredible spirits of animals. One must truly open their hearts and minds to receive this gift of pure Love that the animals are sharing in the circle of life; the cyclical nature of life that unfolds in thousands of intricate, magical & sometimes undefinable ways. 

Forgoing a plant-based diet doesn't mean I am not caring for my body, the animals or the environment. I still and will always choose the highest quality of foods, whether it be organic, local, free-range, pasture-raised. I grow my own food, I prioritize local & I cultivate a relationship with my fellow farmers. I care so profoundly for my body, for others, for this Earth, for all that we share as One. I choose to participate in life in such a way that connects me to all that it offers. I choose to connect with the Earth, with our ancestors, with my spiritual realm through plants AND now again through animals. I am connected most tangibly by letting go and letting God; I let God guide the way & in that freedom I see and live my Truth.

By letting go & letting God I was blessed with my cycle, merely one week of eating eggs consistently & fully trusting in my heart's guidance. If my heart had been speaking to me so strongly in this way, there must be a reason. There always is; we just need to get our ego and minds out of the way. 

"The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you're wanting, and the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it" ~Abraham-Hicks

Consuming animal does not have to be an act of violence, of greed or hate. There does in fact exist compassionate & ethical animal sacrifice. As a farmer I have experienced some of the most spiritually awakening & profound moments in helping bring cattle to slaughter. This may sound cruel, horrific & unimaginable to many, especially anyone who fights so strongly for animal rights. Yet I saw firsthand that consuming animal does not have to be a horrific, terrifying experience. I saw that when animals are raised ethically, are treated with compassion, are blessed with gratitude, there is no fight. I participated in one of the most peaceful & beautiful offerings as two cattle were brought to market with no fuss or fight. I stood with the cattle in the barn, thanked them for their life and all that they had already brought to the farm, for all that they would continue to provide to this life, and for all the love & beauty they embodied. Since this moment forward, my Spirit understood that ethical animal consumption exists and can serve one's highest Self. 

I now understand how I can continue to be an activist for animals, to spread the message of health while consuming animal products. It's not having to  completely forgo animal products, it's about redefining our relationship with how & where we source our food. I still support the vegan messages, the need for more people to eat more plants, to reduce processed foods & to choose their foods mindfully. But I also believe we need to eat more intuitively, which includes eating with the seasons, honoring where we are geographically & to nurture one's specific needs - I only hope that others do the same for themselves. I hold deep gratitude for the power of healing I have found through animal products &  I thank its ability to nurture my body in the same reverence I do with plants. 

I am a child of God, I am a being of Love. We are all One and we are all Love. Through God's Infinite & unconditional Love, I have come to understand life, compassion and Love for All. Ultimate truth comes from the Creator in our heart. To reconnect & remember who you are, you need to forget who they tell you to be; listen to the Creator in your heart. Honoring your body, your health, your spirit is imperative to set your soul free. Free from pain, free from beliefs that aren't yours & free from living anywhere outside your own True North.