Enjoy This Organic Life
Enjoy This Organic Life


Thank you for taking interest in my little corner of the world. My name is Kristen, a born & raised Midwesterner passionate about eating whole foods, growing food, sustainable agriculture, yoga, living simply and sharing Love. 

the journey begins. 

Years ago this website was born from a desire to share my recipes & experiences as I was eating a plant-based, predominately raw foods diet. Those were exciting years as I was tapping into the world of whole, unprocessed foods, realizing they were just as delicious & satisfying as the foods I had once eaten yet these were reveling a deeper level of wellness. I started to understand what it meant to be connected to the foods one eats, how food choices effect the planet, & in the healing power of fruits & vegetables. I wanted to share those newfound discoveries & meals I was developing in all the kitchens I called home over the course of my twenties, spanning from Chicago, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, the countryside of Toronto, and the beautiful islands of Hawaii. 

and then evolves.

When I moved back to Wisconsin and simultaneously entered a new decade of life in 2015, I was in the midst of a significant shift. My diet, body, relationships, how I related to the idea of work and how I was choosing to spend time was all changing. Those stories, "rules", and beliefs I had held to be Truths in my 20's were no longer serving me. At times life felt uncomfortable, conflicting and there were many moments of that year I felt completely lost. For years I had felt amazing, was so clear of my passions, my path, & what made me feel Whole. Yet all the sudden I questioned and was loosing connection to it all. While my daily experience seemed to be a crumbling of walls, I knew deep down I was simply growing into a stronger, more conscious, more aware version of myself.

It took me letting go of self-imposed labels (i.e. vegan, raw, etc.), letting go of a need to justify my choices (i.e. diet, job/lifestyle choices), to truly embrace the flow & know that whatever I am doing is right for me in that season of life. I realized I was still passionate about all the same things, however my relationship to those things simply shifted a bit. 

I suddenly related to life with newfound clarity, a greater sense of peace, love & ease; with myself, in my relationships & in the way I choose to live my life. 

bringing us here & now.

Enjoy This Organic Life evolved, as it should, and will continually do so as I evolve. At the core, this website will always be a reflection of my passion for farming, sustainability, health, & living a life of authenticity. Regardless of what I am sharing, my intention is to inspire others to live a life rich in health, purpose, passion, joy & freedom.   

I am deeply grateful for your interest in enjoying your own version of this organic life. 

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