Enjoy This Organic Life
Enjoy This Organic Life

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kristen, a born & raised Midwesterner passionate about eating whole foods, growing food, sustainable agriculture, yoga, living simply and sharing Love. 

how enjoy this organic life came to be...

Years ago this website was born from a desire to share my recipes & experiences as I was eating a plant-based, predominately raw foods diet. Those were exciting years as I was tapping into the world ofwhole, unprocessed foods, realizing they are JUST as delicious (and in my opinion way MORE so) than the standard American diet foods. I wanted to share the creations I was developing in all the kitchens I called home over the course of my twenties, spanning from Chicago, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, the countryside of Toronto, and the beautiful islands of Hawaii. And so I did that for the past five years. 

...and why it has changed

However, when I moved back to Wisconsin and simultaneously entered a new decade of life in 2015, I was going through a significant shift. My diet, body, relationships, how I related to the idea of work and how I was choosing to spend time was all changing. Those stories, "rules", and beliefs I had held to be Truths in my 20s were no longer serving me. At times life got uncomfortable, blurry and there were many moments of this year I felt lost. While on the outside this all seemed to be happening really fast and so much was "blowing up in my face" so-to-speak, I knew all along a peaceful metamorphosis was materializing on a visceral level.

I started to let go of a myriad of attachments I had developed along the way to ideas, relationships, and many of the ways in which I identified to the world. And from this purge of detachments, all the sudden the dust began to settle. I could clearly see again and with this newfound clarity, a greater sense of peace, Love & ease; with myself, relationships & the way I live my life. 

All in all, the Kristen today is not much different from the Kristen of years past. I still eat whole foods, I am incredibly passionate about growing food & having my hands in the soil, yoga is a way of life, and am pretty certain I will always live on the seat of my pants and follow my whimsical heart.

Nowadays, however, I am much more easy on myself as I no longer believe in having to do or be something that isn't serving me in that exact moment. I have let go of labels; let go of a need to justify, explain or apologize for anything I am doing; to go with the flow & know that whatever I am doing is right for me. My life looks and feels drastically different from many others but following my heart and living in accordance to my authentic truth is what makes life SO FREAKING MAGICAL. I truly believe we are all meant to be HAPPY, LIVELY beings who are excited, joyful, and loving. Life is too short to put our dreams off for later or to save our smiles for the weekend.  

what is Enjoy This Organic Life today?

The Enjoy This Organic Life that once existed has evolved & will continually do so as the content continues to be a reflection of what I'm creating in the current moment. For now, that means less focus on recipes & nutrition and more so on farming, sustainability & living authentically. Regardless of what I am sharing, my intention is to inspire others to live a life rich in purpose, passion & joy. 

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