Enjoy This Organic Life
Enjoy This Organic Life


My name is Kristen Martinek, a born & raised Midwesterner who feels dually connected to the dreamy hills of Driftless, Wisconsin & the magical islands of Hawai’i. I am deeply passionate about holistic health, clean water, living simply, mindfully & sustainably, organically tending to mama earth, and sharing the message of local & sustainable foods.


the journey begins. 

Enjoy This Organic Life was born years ago from a desire to share recipes & experiences as I was exploring a raw foods diet, while simultaneously beginning my journey with organic farming. Those were exciting and expansive years as I was tapping into the world of whole, unprocessed foods; developing a whole new relationship to plants, wellness, nourishment and the earth around me. I started to understand what it meant to be connected to the foods one eats, how food choices effect the planet, and in the profound healing power of fruits & vegetables. I was deeply inspired to share those newfound discoveries & recipes I was developing in all the kitchens I called home over the course of my twenties, spanning from Chicago, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, the countryside of Ontario, Canada, and the beautiful islands of Hawai’i. 

and then evolves.

But when I moved back to Wisconsin from Hawai’i in 2015, I was in the midst of a significant shift. My diet, my body, my relationships, my work… it was all going through a profound evolution. The stories, rules and beliefs I had held to be Truths in my twenties were no longer serving me. This process at times felt uncomfortable, conflicting and there were many moments I felt utterly lost. For years previously I had felt so clear on my passions, my path, & what made me feel whole. Yet all the sudden I was questioning it all; I felt I was losing my drive and connection to everything I’d always known. But despite everything feeling like it was falling apart, I knew deep down I was simply growing into a stronger, more aligned version of myself.

It took me letting go of self-imposed labels like being vegan, of letting go of the need to justify my lifestyle choices, to truly embrace the flow & know that whatever I am doing is right for me in that season of life. I eventually realized I was still passionate about all the same things, yet my relationship and understanding of them had simply transformed.

I suddenly related to life with newfound clarity, a greater sense of peace, love & ease; with myself, in my relationships & in the way I live my life.  

bringing us to the here & now.

Food, nutrition and health will always be the driving force behind everything I do. I firmly believe how we as humans produce food & the food choices we as individuals make on a daily basis, are some of the most important choices we make for ourselves & the planet.


But what was once exclusive, has become mindfully inclusive.

I eat what is seasonally & regionally available and pay close attention to what my body is asking for. This means, what I eat in the winter may look entirely different from summer, minus of course, copious amounts of plants. Growing my own food, harvesting berries from my family’s land, foraging for wild edibles, making yogurt from my neighbor’s hand-milked cows, consuming eggs from my family’s chickens; it’s all part of a beautiful relationship that I am so deeply grateful to be a part of.

This journey of mine has enriched me; exploring the depths of myself & the world around me has transformed me into an even more knowing, deeply connected, free-spirited version of myself. Driven by an insatiable appetite to continually dive deeper, cultivate the richest of experiences & relationships, and grow in ways I still have yet to learn.

so, thank you for being here.

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In Gratitude,